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Our first priority is to keep our workers and every one around us safe while deep cleaning and disinfecting.  We use all the latest equipment and chemicals to do the job right and are certified in Applied Microbial and COVID-19 disinfecting.

Watch Our COVID-19 Cleaning Crew

Our Process

- Deep Cleaning of High Contact Areas

- Fogging All General Areas by Applying Disinfectant Chemical Vapor with a Humidity of 0.5

- Porous Surfaces will be Penetrated

- We utilized both Botanical and Synthetic Chemicals both Approved by the FDA

- Indeed Personnel are equipped with PPE such as Booties, HAZMAT Suits and Goggles.

- Organic Green Disinfectant Hospital Grade Approved

*While Fogging is in Process Those Areas will need to be Closed to all Non-Cleaning Personnel *If this is not an option, we will use the spray method only to accomodate.



We use only the latest in sanitation equipment and cleaning agents to safeguard your space.

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